Kixx Geartec 75W85

Superior Lubrication for Engine Longevity Give your vehicle the care it deserves with Kixx Geartec 75W85, available on Partex Marketplace.


Kixx ATF DX-III Feel the Drive, Shift the Magic Get ready for a driving experience like never before with Kixx

Kixx CVTF 1L

Kixx CVTF 1L Step into a world of smooth transmissions with Kixx CVTF 1L, a premium Continuously Variable Transmission fluid

KIXX 10W-40 3L

Get the best for your engine KIXX 10W-40 3L motor oils. Specially formulated with advanced technology, this premium automotive oil

KIXX 20W-50 3L

Looking for a motor oil that offers superior lubrication and protection for your vehicle’s engine? Look no further than KIXX