Zic ATF Multi 1L

Elevate your vehicle’s performance with Zic ATF Multi 1L, now available in Pakistan exclusively at PartEx Online Store. This advanced
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Zic X3000 20W-50 CF-4 6L

Elevate your vehicle’s engine performance with the Zic X3000 20W-50 CF-4 6L motor oil, available exclusively at PartEx, your trusted
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Zic M5 20W-40 0.7L

Looking for high-quality engine oil to ensure optimal performance and protection for your vehicle? Look no further than the Zic
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Zic M3 20W-50 1.2L

Keep your vehicle’s heart beating strong with the Zic M3 20W-50 1.2L Engine Oil, specially crafted to deliver unparalleled engine
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Zic M3 20W-50 0.7L

Revitalize your vehicle’s performance with the exceptional Zic M3 20W-50 0.7L engine oil, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of
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Zic M1 20W-50 1.2L

Introducing the Zic M1 20W-50 1.2L Engine Oil – your vehicle’s ultimate companion for enhanced performance and optimal engine protection.
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Zic M1 20W-50 0.8L

Unleash the full potential of your vehicle’s engine with the exceptional Zic M1 20W-50 engine oil. Specially formulated to provide
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Zic X1000 50 4L

Are you looking for top-of-the-line engine oil to keep your vehicle running smoothly? Look no further! Introducing Zic X1000 50
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Zic M9 10W-40 1L

Are you searching for top-notch engine oil to ensure the smooth performance of your vehicle? Look no further than “Zic
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Zic M5 20W-40 1L

Discover the superior performance and protection your vehicle deserves with Zic M5 20W-40 1L, the ideal engine oil for your
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Zic X1000 20W-50 20L

Welcome to PartEx – your one-stop destination for high-quality automotive products! Introducing the highly sought-after “Zic X1000 20W-50 20L CD/SF”
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Zic Top 0W-40 4L

Are you seeking a high-performance motor oil to unlock your vehicle’s true potential? Look no further than Zic Top 0W-40
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Zic X7 FE 0W-20 4L

When it comes to caring for your vehicle’s heart, nothing beats the exceptional performance of Zic X7 FE 0W-20 4L
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Zic X7 FE 0W-30 4L

Are you looking for the perfect engine oil to elevate your car’s performance in Pakistan? Look no further! Introducing the
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Zic X7 FE 5W-20 4L

Are you searching for top-tier engine protection and enhanced performance for your vehicle in Pakistan? Look no further! Introducing the
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Zic X9 5W-40 4L

Looking for the perfect motor oil to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly in Pakistan? Look no further! Introducing Zic
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Zic X3000 20W-50 4L

Introducing the high-performance Zic X3000 20W-50 4L engine oil, specially formulated to meet the demands of vehicles in Pakistan’s diverse
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Zic X5000 15W-40 4L

Are you looking for a high-performance engine oil to keep your car running smoothly in Pakistan? Look no further! Introducing
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Zic Motor Oils

Zic is a brand of automotive lubricants produced by SK ZIC Co., Ltd, a leading lubricant manufacturer. Zic offers a wide range of high-quality engine oils and lubricants designed to provide superior protection and performance for various types of vehicles. The brand is known for its advanced formulation and cutting-edge technology, which allows its products to handle extreme conditions, reduce friction, prevent wear and tear, and extend engine life.

What is Zic Oil, and what makes it stand out among other lubricants?

Zic Oil is a premium automotive lubricant manufactured by SK ZIC Co., Ltd, a leading name in the lubricant industry. It’s exceptional formulation and cutting-edge technology make it a standout choice for engine protection and performance. Zic Oil is specifically designed to handle even the harshest conditions, reducing friction, preventing wear and tear, and extending the overall life of your engine. Notably, it also boasts outstanding fuel efficiency, making it the preferred option for both car owners and mechanics.

Which types of vehicles can use Zic Oil?

Zic Oil takes pride in its extensive range of offerings that cater to a diverse lineup of vehicles, from the ever-popular Swift, Mehran, Alto, Corolla, Civic, and WagonR to motorcycles and heavy-duty trucks. Their commitment to excellence is evident through their specialized formulations tailored for various engine types, including gasoline, diesel, and hybrid engines. Whether you drive a modern Ciaz, a classic Ravi, or any other car in between, Zic Oil ensures optimal engine protection and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for discerning vehicle owners seeking top-notch lubrication solutions.

How often should I change Zic Oil in my vehicle?

The frequency of Zic Oil changes depends on several factors, such as your vehicle’s make, model, and driving conditions. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to adhere to the oil change intervals outlined in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Typically, this falls within the range of every 5,000 to 7,500 miles (8,000 to 12,000 kilometers). However, if you regularly drive under severe conditions, such as extreme temperatures or heavy stop-and-go traffic, you might need to change the oil more frequently. Conducting regular oil analysis can help determine the best interval for oil changes based on your specific driving habits.

Is Zic Oil compatible with other lubricant brands, and can it be mixed with different oils?

While Zic Oil is designed to be compatible with most engine oils, it is generally recommended to avoid mixing different oil brands or types. Mixing oils can lead to unpredictable reactions and compromise the performance and protective qualities of Zic Oil. When conducting an oil change, it is crucial to fully drain the existing oil and refill it with fresh Zic Oil that matches the specifications recommended for your vehicle.

Where can I purchase genuine Zic Oil products?

You can find genuine Zic Oil products at Partex, which serves as the official vendor for Zic Oil in multiple locations. Partex offers the best rates and a wide variety of Zic Oil products. If you’re specifically looking for Zic Oil 20W50, you can check its price in Pakistan at Partex and purchase it with confidence, knowing you are getting the original Zic Engine Oil with its promised performance and engine protection. Remember to verify the authenticity of the product by checking for holographic seals or unique identifiers on the packaging.