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A detailed guide about Engine Oil Grades and the best Car Engine Oils

A detailed guide about Engine Oil Grades and the best Car Engine Oils

No matter which automobile you are using, you must agree with our statement that the car engine is one of the most critical and essential parts of the vehicle. It will not be wrong to say that engine is the heart of any vehicle. If you own any car or even a motorbike, you must always be worried about selecting the most efficient and high-quality engine oil so that your car gives you a perfect and smooth ride.

If you are the one looking for the most trustworthy and reliable brand for your car engine oil, then stay tuned with us till the last line. We assure you that you’re going to get incredible information in this article. Also, if you are confused about different brand oils and their grades, then you have just hit the right spot. And after each section, your queries will be vanished for sure. So without any further delay, let’s get into it and explore the most amazing engine oil for your car.

What are Engine Oils and their grades?

Engine oil is referred to as any lubricant that lubricates the internal parts of the engine. There are different components and interior parts that keep on moving when a car is moving on the road. As a result, there is a lot of friction produced along with heat energy. In this regard, engine oil acts as a lubricant and removes all the dust and heat, and avoids corrosion in the parts of the engine.

Engine oil removes all the heat away from the engine parts by circulating throughout the engine and gives the cooling effect. Now, you must be very clear about the function of engine oil. Let us now move to the next part of our question. What are the grades that we see on different engine oil brands? Well, these grades, or commonly, numbers, describe the viscosity of the engine oil. Another word for viscosity is any liquid’s thickness. The grade that people see on the bottles of engine oil describes the measurement, which is based on the flow time of engine oil. Every different grade of oil performs differently in different temperature conditions. Definitely, we will discuss this aspect in detail in our upcoming subsection of this article.

What do “W” and numerics indicate in engine oil Grade?

You might encounter different grades on different engine oil brands, such as 0W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 5W-50, and many others. But do you know what ‘’W’’ indicate in this engine oil grade? No worries at all because we will explain this in detail. The first number before ‘’W’’ indicates engine oil performance in cold temperatures. According to a general phenomenon, when the temperature drops, oil becomes thick, and automatically, it will be difficult to reach every part of the car engine. And “W” goes for winter.

Hence we can say that the first number must be as small as possible in freezing temperature conditions. For example, 0W-40 will be more efficient than 5W-40 in below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Another disadvantage of using thick oils in Winter is it will cause a hole in the filter, So the oil will not be cleaned properly. The final result will be ultimately damaging to your engine and it may also cause complete failure as well. So it is always suggested to use, accurate winter rating engine oils in cold temperatures.

Now here comes the last digit that comes after the dash. It indicates the thickness of oil in high temperatures. When the engine is working, it bears stress, and a lot of heat energy is released. If the environmental conditions are combined with it, it will cause thinning of oil, ultimately preventing it from cleaning the engine properly. At this point, engine oils with higher viscosity are needed to maintain performance and improve gas mileage.

Hence, it is very clear that there are different internal grades for different temperature conditions, for example, engine oils that are suitable and give good performance in tropical regions cannot go well for vehicles in temperate regions of the world.

Top 5 Engine Oil

The following are the most efficient and best-performance engine oils in Pakistan

Suzuki Genuine Oil 10W-40

One of the most fantastic and reliable options to consider for your Suzuki car engine. It gives remarkable fuel efficiency and is best for protecting your car engine in all temperature conditions. Whether it is a hot or cold climate, your car engine will be able to bear all the stress, and during the drive, the heat will dissipate into the circulating engine oil efficiently.

The most top-notch and mind-blowing thing about this engine oil is that it performs very well and lubricates all the engine parts, avoiding friction and corrosion in its internal parts.

Zic X7 10W-40

What is the most famous synthetic blend engine oil, which provides a tremendous level of protection to your car engine? It enhances performance and minimizes the overall wear and tear of the machine. It is considered the best option to extend the overall life of the engine and is suitable for both petrol and diesel cars.

Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40

This, in general, has caught the attention of numerous modern engines these days. Providing excellent cold start protection and enhancing car fuel efficiency. It is totally recommended for both diesel and petrol cars. However, its suitability is for those cars which require API SN/CF characteristics.

Total Quartz 9000 5W-30 (Future NFC)

This engine oil falls in the range of premium synthetic engine oils. Using this oil will give your car engines an instant boost, and the viscosity formula of this engine oil will increase the fuel economy as well. It provides excellent protection to the engine of your car.

Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic Euro 5W-40

This engine oil is also a fantastic option for your car, and primarily, it gives an outstanding performance in modern car engines. This Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic Euro 5W-40 is a tremendous option for good cold start protection.


Summarizing our entire discussion, we can genuinely say that engine oil grades are highly important for engine parts. If accurate grade engine oils are used for every car, the capacity of the engine and its life can be increased to a great extent. Additionally, we also suggest being very mindful of the temperature conditions of your regions.

There are numerous engine oil options that one can explore, but Suzuki Genuine oil is the number one recommendation for all Suzuki car engines. It is also a completely trustworthy option for other cars and will genuinely enhance your engine’s performance and oil capacity. If you want your car’s engine to be in the condition the day, you bought it, even after driving thousands and thousands of kilometers.

Suzuki genuine oil should be your most preferred choice among all engine oils available in the market. You can get your hands on a wide range of Suzuki genuine oils with different grades according to the requirement of your car’s engine. No more hesitation, buy your most premium quality and high-performance Suzuki Genuine engine oil now and enjoy smooth and turbulence-free rides with your loved ones!