PartEx is here to make your life easier:

.PartEx Technologies is an emerging entity and one of its kind startups in the automobile spare parts industry. PartEx is here to make your life easier.  Either purchasing parts online, looking for good quality spare parts without the hassle of market visits and unnecessary quality checks. A high priority considering the current situation of this industry. PartEx Technologies came into existence to bring ease into customers’ lives by providing solutions to the varying needs of consumers .

PartEx Technologies was launched with the idea of bringing ease into the life of all auto parts buyers. By enabling them to order automobile spare parts through a mobile app or the website. According to survey that was taken at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 7 out of 10 users prefer online shopping over in-person shopping. Considering all the factors, most of the businesses are operating virtually to increase efficiency. To help people/employees maintain a work-life balance. PartEx Technologies is leveraging technology to make the online ordering of spare parts easier for its customers. Either looking for best price auto parts or used spare parts not available generally.

Further Introducing you to the modalities of automobile spare parts industry operation and fulfillments. Whether genuine spare parts or good quality spare parts, requires value chain synchronization with demand aggregation. Since we do not have enough manufacturers of auto spare parts in Pakistan. The retailers and mechanics have to go the extra mile.  That too sometimes at the extra price that these suppliers charge for no logical reason. Keeping aside all the freight costs and time that the retailors have to waste finding the exact products in the traditional stores miles away from the main places.

Further aggravating the situation is the current dilemmas of fuel hike, speculation, and inflation. It has been observed that some suppliers wield undue power over SMEs and even individual customers eager to get a specific car part to get their vehicle on road. To fulfill the demand of their valued B2B customer. Wholesale spare parts suppliers charge extra for the products that are short in the market, which is either the exploitation from the market failures or customers lack of knowledge. Majority of suppliers or retailers do not pay sales tax further acting a drag on the already fragile economy of this country.


To counter all these inefficiencies and unethical market practices, PartEx Technologies came in with its in-house solutions to facilitate the current players and alleviate the overall painful industry situation. PartEx Technologies has two products: a website and a mobile app. Website for individual customers and car owners who want to replace any part of their car or modify, the merchant mobile app where small businesses or retailers can order auto spare parts of any type from anywhere in Pakistan at the officially informed prices whether a consumer is ordering spare parts in Karachi or just comparing Suzuki Parts prices.

PartEx is here to make life easier. To avoid wasting time and extra freights costs that they may incur if they choose to purchase from the traditional stores.  PartEx Technologies is enroute to change the current landscape of this industry for better and facilitate the end user with the ease and clarity of modern age, while at the same time working on the back end to make sure there is no inefficiency in the supply chain and business processes of the whole value chain.

Isn’t it fascinating to see such a huge change in the auto spare parts industry? An industry long ignored and unfettered. Go check our website and app to find out more about how we are making it easy for our people.