What does PartEx do?

What does PartEx do?

PartEx will bring simplicity and ease to the purchase process for buyers as per their needs. It will create new linkages and technological pathways for efficient procurement mechanisms. For reliable supply chain structures, and trusted quality assurance for businesses operating in the automotive aftermarket. As these ideal standards are achieved with the passage of time. The trust and reliability shown by our customers become word of mouth. PartEx will create an ecosystem for small retailers, merchants, wholesalers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and consumers to enjoy the perks. Also privileges of information symmetry and efficient market mechanisms, translating into extraordinary tangible and non-tangible benefits for all.

Many online stores have opened in parallel industries that have leveraged technologies. For the purpose of improving the archaic business models in which they were operating. PartEx is here to revolutionize the automotive aftermarket in Pakistan. By bringing reliable and effective solutions to the current pain points of the buyers.

Technology will be a defining factor in all its interventions in the current working mechanisms, specifically for small automobile parts stores and mechanics. Automobile parts delivery has a lot of risks attached, which has made the supply chain process of automobile parts stores unreliable and bumpy. Whether it is the purchase of automobile accessories online or just the comparison of the prices, PartEx will provide an avenue for information gathering for all, irrespective of their position in the market.

Hence, the information gap will be bridged, enabling buyers to make informed choices as per their feasibility. The exploitation of the end consumer will stop gradually. It will promote technology sensitization in Pakistan. Also provide new growth avenues for the Small and Medium Enterprises that have not yet matured in the technological milieu.

SMEs in this market will gradually become technology-oriented in their business models, which will translate into far-reaching benefits for the whole value chain. Last mile deliveries made predictable and responsive to the pulse of the consumer will naturally create a market environment of sustainable growth and positive competition.